सहकार आयुक्त आणि निबंधक,
सहकारी संस्था,
महाराष्ट्र राज्य, पुणे
What are the alternations if builder is not co.-operating for forming co. operative society?
In such situation, the chief promoter of the society should submit the registration proposal to the concerned registrar in the category of builders’ non-co-operation.
What are the remedies if the proposed of societies registration is denied?
What is the Area of Operation of the Society?
What are the measures to be adopted if the chief promoters did not deposited the amount of the share capital collected by the Chief Promoter in the bank?
What are the types of Co-operative Housing Societies?
Whether the registration of the building having less than 10 flats is made?
What are the remedies to be adopted if some person collected money on account of share capital from the proposal members in the name of registration of society by providing false information?
Who is a Promoter?
What are the main objects of formation of a Society?
How to register the society and which documents required for it?
Is it necessary that the promoters of the society have to make an application to chief promoter for membership before registration of society?
When the condition of minimum 20 percent backward class member is applied while registering the co. operative housing societies?
Minimum how many promoters’ sign are required on the registration proposal?
What is the registration fee for registering co-operative housing society?
Who is a Chief Promoter?
Minimum how many promoter members are to be participated in the society registration proposal?
Is the chief promoters have rights to withdraw money deposited in the bank in the name of proposal society?
What do you mean by the term Builder-Promoter?